Georgina Takundwa

Who started it?

Takundwa Georgina, is a Zimbabwean lady who has lived in several cultures. Raised in Nyanga, her desire and curiosity to understand life outside the confinements drove her to explore life among the Somali clans in and outside of the African setting.

These cultures cover 3 continents (Africa, Asia and Europe) where she lived as a student, Christian worker and full time missionary gave birth to the vision of serving cross-cultural workers whom God has called across the globe.

Why Spring Valley Trust?

In 2016, a colleague and fellow worker whose family had been my host since 2011 took his own life. His death left me with questions that challenged my walk with the Lord at so many levels. After trying to piece things together, I came to understand some key gaps

Mental health issues are rarely talked about from the pulpit.

Understanding depression in African settings is difficult since it is a concept associated with over-thinking and viewed separately from physical health.

In the church setting mental health cases are spiritualised as one is taken as not praying enough

With the Global South taking an active role in missions the challenge of security and well-being faces the sending agencies and the church.

African missionaries are usually first generation who face challenges of not having people who understand or who can relate with them.

Having lived away from home several times, the need to have a place and someone willing to de-brief or help dis-arm me in the process of re-entry was a critical gap that I thought could be covered by a willing servant.

Having served in different capacities in the church and para-church settings, some of us have spoken about these gaps. Through Spring Valley Trust, I believe it is time for us to take the step and get the gaps closed. By seeing those gaps, we acknowledged that it is our responsibility to step up and provide the missing service as opposed to only talking about it.

The reality of security and mental wellbeing issues that affect individuals and teams on the mission field cannot be ignored. My role is to prepare well-informed cross-cultural workers when it comes to security dynamics. This comes in the form of field research, one-on one trainings, offering psycho-social support for workers who are already on the field, debriefing, transition and following up on the welfare of teams.